Launch roundup: Slim Core i5 laptops, 80 Plus Gold PSUs, and more

There's no lack of meat in our stew of product announcements this week. We've got news from Eurocom, MSI, and NZXT:

  • Eurocom introduces line of gamer-friendly notebooks with switchable graphics. The 15-inch B5100M FOX and 17-inch B7110 laptops from Eurocom both couple Core 2010 processors from Intel with switchable GeForce GT 330M graphics from Nvidia. (If you're not familiar with Optimus, we suggest you check our review.) The 330M GPU does sound a tad underpowered for "gamer-friendly" systems, but the B5100M does start at a pretty reasonable $908, and it has a decent mix of other components.

  • MSI announces North American availability of the thin P600/S6000 notebooks. These MSI notebooks might not be gamer-friendly, but they do pack a decent punch into slim form factors—and they seem pretty affordable. The P600 is already available at Newegg for $729.99, which ain't bad for a 15.6" laptop with a Core i5 processor, four gigs of RAM, a slim DVD drive, an eight-cell battery, and Windows 7 x64. The S6000 isn't listed at Newegg yet, but it's similar apart from a smaller, four-cell battery and a lighter weight.
  • NZXT unleashes HALE90 power supplies. Here are some more stragglers from Computex. Those 80 Plus Gold-certified HALE90 PSUs we saw a couple of months back are "available for purchase now" with prices starting at $119.99 for the 550W unit (and ranging up to $209.99 for its 1kW big brother). NZXT claims power efficiency in the 87-90% range and noise levels as low as 20dB for the 550-750W units. The firm also backs all HALE90 PSUs with a five-year warranty.

Those NZXT PSUs are certainly interesting animals. Few PSU makers have bothered releasing lower-wattage 80 Plus Gold units, but products like the 550W HALE90 would nicely complement an ultra-quiet gaming rig with low-power components. And hey, saving a few polar bears never hurts.

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