National Mustard Day Shortbread

Seven Up

  1. hp CEO Mark Hurd resigns; CFO Cathie Lesjak appointed interim CEO;
    hp announces preliminary results and raises full-year outlook
  2. TechFlash reports employee regard for Hurd low before hp scandal, reviews show
  3. DSLReports: Google CEO predicts end of anonymity
  4. SemiAccurate: More Intel dirt cleaned by the FTC
  5. Expreview: More benchmarking results of 512SP GTX 480 exposed
  6. VR-Zone shares rumor: AMD 28nm GPUs in H1 2011
  7. Ars Technica reports Machinarium suffers 90% piracy rate, offers $5 amnesty sale

National Mustard Day

  1. DailyTech reports FCC ends talks with ISPs and content providers
  2. DSLReports: Google is fighting real net neutrality rules
    and T-Mobile launches IPv6 beta
  3. TechFlash reports big digital ambitions may be brewing at Starbucks
  4. Ars Technica: BlackBerry bans violate "right of free use," says Secretary of State Clinton
  5. Newsweek: How fast will your Internet be in 2020?
  6. DigiTimes reports chip inventories cast shadow on TSMC and UMC 4Q10 sales
    and Foxconn sees 13th suicide; is hiring more mature employees to avoid more jumps
    and Asus to launch 8" 64-grayscale e-book reader at below $599
  7. TCAS 2010: PC players expect better on-year sales
  8. The Inquirer reports Apple upgrades to AMD Radeon graphics
  9. TC Magazine reports MSI details the CX720 17.3" laptop
  10. C|Net: Best Buy getting into tablet market?
  11. The Consumerist: hp happy to fix my computer for free after I took them to small claims court
  12. Sharky Extreme's biweekly CPU prices
  13. SemiAccurate reports Asus Sabertooth X58 board gets official
  14. C|Net reports San Digital announces USB 3.0-based RAID storage solution
  15. TC Magazine reports Gigabyte intros GeForce GTX 470 Super Oveclock Edition
    and Gainward and Palit 2GB GeForce GTX 460 cards start getting listed
  16. VR-Zone report Gigabyte presents PowerRock Series of PSUs
  17. Ars Technica reports Europeans realize dream of single charger for all cellphones
  18. Windows Weekly 168 (podcast)

  1. NewTeeVee reports France plans spyware for three strikes
  2. Network World: More than 1 in 10 Mozilla bug finders turn down cash
  3. Microsoft to cut a carrot from its Software Assurance licensing plan
  4. SuperSite's Windows 7 tip of the week: God Mode
    and Windows 7 feature focus: display improvements
  5. Windows Intune beta update
  6. Ars Technica's hands-on: Jolicloud 10 makes web apps equal desktop citizens
  7. Ars Technica on Capo 2 for Mac: Music learning software done even better
  8. CCleaner Enhancer 1.3
  9. VirtualBox
  10. Asus PC Probe II 1.04.88
  11. HD_Speed
  12. GPU Caps Viewer 1.9.0 with OpenGL 4 tessellation support
  13. Google Chrome 6.0.472.25 beta
  14. Foxit Reader
  15. Ars Technica reports iOS 4.1 beta reveals FaceTime e-mail address option

  1. CVG: Gaming PC hardware shipments double that of consoles
  2. MSNBC reports Iowa town's claim to gaming fame gets cornier
  3. Valve on Mac gaming: Part one
  4. Shacknews reports Quake Live loses beta tag, adds 2 subscription plans to go with free play
    and Civilization V PC system requirements revealed
    and new Borderlands DLC information buried in recent patch
  5. L4D Blog: Mutation breakdown
  6. DailyTech reports CoD: Black Ops to get massive marketing investment from Activision
  7. The Escapist on the future of MMOs
  8. Counter-Strike: Source Beta reopened
    and CS: Source update released on Steam
  9. Garry's Mod and Left 4 Dead 2 updates released on Steam
  10. GamersHell has Disciples III: Renaissance v1.06.2 patch
  11. Shacknews has Weekend Confirmed episode 20 (podcast)
  12. Configure Wine Ubuntu for running Windows-based games
  13. Bitmob on StarCraft II's 10 coolest secrets, stories, and easter eggs
  14. Ars Technica reviews Metroid: Other M
  15. 50% off Fallout 3: GOTY Edition

  1. Hyperion Entertainment: 25 years of Amiga development
  2. VR-Zone's first look at the new Asus Rampage III Formula
  3. AnandTech's Asus VG236H 23" 3D display review: 120Hz is the future
  4. SuperSite's preview: Windows Phone 7 feature focus
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