PC World lists the most underrated games of this generation

In the gaming world, everyone's familiar with the blockbusters. Games that sell well tend to be, you know, popular. Best-selling and even critically acclaimed titles make up a surprisingly small portion of the deluge that floods the market each year, though. There's loads of garbage among the rest, of course, but also plenty of gems if you know where to look. PC World's article on the most underrated games of this generation is a good place to start.

The list covers 17 titles released for the current generation of consoles. Eight of them are also available on the PC, including Mirror's Edge, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and Call of Juarez. Given the frequency with which older games seem to be deeply discounted, chances are you'll be able to find most of them for pretty cheap.

Of course, the console-focused list probably leaves out a good number of PC exclusives. I'm sure TR readers can chime in with a few of their favorite underrated PC titles of the last few years.

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