Free Wi-Fi coming to New York livery cabs

Wouldn't it be nice to have free Wi-Fi throughout major cities like New York? Such is the dream of LimoRes Car & Limo, which plans to bring wireless networking to The Big Apple via its stable of livery cabs. Wi-Fi hot spots will be installed in 1,000 cabs by the fall, with another 20,000 vehicles slated to be added to the network by next year.

According to the company, ad-supported Internet access will be available within 400 feet of each cab. These are livery cabs, though—Town Cars with suited-up drivers rather than the yellow cabs commonly associated with the city.

Folks using the service will have to hope for gridlock, since maintaining a consistent connection is sure to be challenging with all the available hot spots in motion. The limited range of each access point will no doubt create problems, as well. 400 feet might sound like a lot, but the average north/south block in Manhattan is roughly 0.2 miles, or over 1,000 feet. East/west blocks are typically twice as long, making the service most useful for folks actually riding in the cabs. It's a start, though—and it's free, which is a rare thing in New York City. Thanks to Slashdot for the tip.

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