Asus business notebooks feature matte screens, spill-proof keyboards

Sick of the glossy coatings that afflict consumer notebooks? Perhaps you'll be interested in the new models Asus has added to its line of B Series business notebooks. Sporting matte displays, scratch-resistant aluminum casings, and three-year warranties with one year of accidental damage coverage, the B43 and B53 are decidedly different from the mass of mainstream notebooks on the market. Interestingly, that three-year warranty includes the battery, which Asus claims will retain at least 80% of its capacity for the duration.

Boston-Power is responsible for the Sonata Long Life batteries in these new notebooks. Asus says the three-cell, 47 watt-hour units are equivalent to "standard" six-cell designs, but it only lists a run time of four hours. Fortunately, the batteries can reportedly be charged to 90% of their capacity in just 90 minutes. According to Boston-Power's website, you only need 10 minutes to charge a Sonata battery up to 40% capacity.

The 15.6" B53 and 14.1" B43 share a pedestrian 1366x768 display resolution. However, versions of each are available with Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics and Eyefinity support if you want to hook up multiple high-res displays. Under their brushed aluminum shells, the systems feature a selection of Core i5 and i7 CPUs. Only 2GB of memory comes equipped as standard, but the systems include a built-in TPM module, docking-station compatibility, a fingerprint scanner, and a spill-resistant keyboard.

Asus says variants of the B53 are available now, and that B43 flavors are coming soon. We don't have details on pricing just yet, though. You'll surely have to pay a premium over consumer-grade notebooks with equivalent specifications, but then you'll also be getting a slew of additional features and probably a nicer chassis. Sorry, road warriors—Asus makes no mention of 13.3", 12", or 11.6" variants of these new business notebooks.

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