Site posts purported Sandy Bridge launch lineup

Are the names and specs of Intel's first Sandy Bridge CPUs finally out in the open? Hard to say for sure at this point, but German site Computerbase has definitely posted a couple of lists with details about both desktop and mobile Sandy Bridge parts—and the information appears to corroborate previous reports.

Source: Computerbase.

According to the list above, the jump to Sandy Bridge will get us desktop quad-core parts with power envelopes in the 45-95W range. The list also suggests that Intel will continue to slap the Core i5 name on both dual- and quad-core processors with the Sandy Bridge generation. Too bad. With the exception of the Core i5-2390T, the purported next-gen naming scheme almost makes sense, with the Core i5 label applying chiefly to four-core, four-thread parts with Turbo Boost.

Computerbase also has details about six Sandy Bridge mobile parts, which will apparently have two to four cores and TDP ratings between 35W and 55W. Nothing particularly new under the sun there, although the next-gen architecture alone will probably yield some performance gains.

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