Irrational Games unveils BioShock Infinite

A third BioShock game is underway! Unlike the second title, BioShock Infinite is being developed at Irrational Games under the leadership of series creator Ken Levine... and it doesn't quite follow in the footsteps of the original. Check out the trailer Irrational put up earlier today:

BioShock Infinite waves goodbye to the underwater city of Rapture and says hello to Columbia, a floating town brimming with turn-of-the-century art and architecture, adorned with circa-1908 U.S. flags, and traversed by airships. In a way, you could call this game a spiritual successor to the spiritual successor of System Shock 2. Very meta.

Shacknews gathered some more details from the press event in New York City and during an interview with Levine himself. In Levine's view, BioShock is an "idea" and not a particular place, time, or story—so, we can some similarities with previous games in the franchise. Infinite will involve a quest for a woman with "immense power" named Elizabeth (presumably the lady from the trailer), and it will reportedly give players an arsenal of guns, telekinetic powers, and abilities like "murder by crows." The Shack says this new chapter will use a modified Unreal Engine 3 with a renderer that gives characters a "Pixar-like" smoothness, too. I can't wait.

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