Carmack shows Rage running at 60 FPS... on an iPhone

With today's consoles having caused graphical fidelity in games to plateau, it's easy to forget what developers like John Carmack are truly capable of. Everyone got a reminder at QuakeCon yesterday, when Carmack showed a version of Rage running at 60 FPS on an iPhone 4. The video pretty much speaks for itself:

According to Joystiq, id Software plans to release the iPhone version of Rage this year—before the full game hits the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The iPhone game will reportedly be "cheap," and it will also run on the iPhone 3GS and iPad. (Price-wise, something close to Doom Classic's $6.99 price tag seems likely.)

What about Android handsets? Joystiq says Carmack is "'spot-surveying' the Android market to determine if it's worth supporting," but the id co-founder apparently didn't make any promises.

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