Swiftpoint mouse held like a pen, sits on your palmrest

The addition of multi-touch gestures has improved notebook touchpads by leaps and bounds in the last few years. However, even the best touchpads struggle to match the precision of a proper mouse. Finding a decent surface on which to use a mobile mouse can be a problem, but that doesn't faze a new critter from Swiftpoint, which is designed to use your notebook's palmrest as a tracking surface.

According to this review over at Engadget, the Swiftpoint mouse works rather well. Although it's far too small to be cradled in one's hand, the three-finger, pen-style grip reportedly feels comfortable. Engadget was particularly impressed with the scroll wheel, which can be activated with one's finger or by tilting the mouse to one side and rolling up and down the palmrest.

Swiftpoint ships the mouse with a magnetic sticker that anchors the rotent to your palmrest while you're typing. A magnet also secures the mouse to its USB receiver for charging. Impressively, Swiftpoint claims that it takes just 30 seconds to fill the battery with an hour's worth of juice.

The Swiftpoint mouse currently sells for $70 online, making it a fair bit pricier than most mobile alternatives. If you're stuck with a lousy touchpad and often find yourself without a suitable mousing surface, though, this might be just what the doctor ordered. A version of the Swiftpoint mouse is planned for lefties, too.

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