National Garage Sale Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. PCMag reports Nvidia to pay royalties to Rambus; litigation not over
  2. Engadget reports Google calls Oracle Android lawsuit 'baseless,'
    says Java goes 'beyond any one corporation'
  3. Engadget: Axon Logic's Haptic tablet can run a desktop's OS, has a desktop's price
  4. SlashGear on Notion Ink Adam: Pricing and more
  5. The OC Register on how AT&T's iPhone exclusivity ends
  6. DVICE: Inside source confirms Verizon iPhone, with new antenna
  7. Shacknews: Carmack's thoughts on 3D, motion, dedicated servers & cloud gaming
    and Rage release date announced: 9/13/11 in the U.S.
  8. VG247 reports Crysis 2 dated for March

National Garage Sale Day

  1. WSJ reports probe of bribery at hp heats up
  2. The NY Times reports Dell accused of concealing evidence in PC suit
  3. Ars Technica: VirtnetX files VPN patent suit against Apple, Cisco & NEC
    and Oracle's Java lawsuit undermines its open source credibility
  4. Computerworld: Changes to PCI Data Security Standard leave questions unanswered
  5. DigiTimes: Lenovo to top notebook shipment growth in 1 - 2 years
  6. Techgage covers GOOC 2010 North American Final
  7. SysOpt's biweekly memory prices
  8. Gizmodo: Who said the parallel port was dead?
  9. VR-Zone on Thecus C10GT 10Gb Ethernet PCI-e adapter
    and Logitech unleashes new G-Series gaming peripherals
  10. PCPer podcast #117
  11. Engadget podcast 208
  12. Engadget HD podcast 209
  13. DSLReports: San Francisco gets tough(er) on tower builds
  14. Taking bike sharing to a new level: Ars Technica on the tech behind Social Bikes
  15. TechFlash: Solve Facebook's puzzle, get a ticket to its first Seattle shindig
  16. Techgage's NZXT Sentry LXE fan controller contest
  17. Newegg's guerrilla deals for 8/14
Tablets, smartphones, and e-readers

  1. Fudzilla reports Nvidia to stay in ARM market
  2. PCWorld: Poor timing dooms Asus Eee Pads before they launch
    and attack of the 'iPad-killers'¬ó32 tablets, slates, pads, and more
  3. TUAW has 25 ways to check the hardware on your iPhone 4
  4. PCWorld: Maybe all the iPhone needs is more antennas
  5. The world's largest iPhone
  6. Engadget: HTC schedules September 15 event, leave us guessing as to what it's launching
    and Windows Phone 7 leak mania continues with new Samsung prototype
    and Gresso's Las Vegas Jackpot phone costs a million dollars, seriously
  7. Phandroid reports Verizon confirms second Android 2.2
    update coming for Motorola Droid, will bring Flash 10.1
  8. C|Net: New Sony Readers coming soon
  9. Ars Technica reports iPad / Kindle combo proving deadly to rest of e-reader market

  1. Hardware-Infos: Intel to release OpenCL SDK for its CPUs by the end of the year (in German)
  2. Microsoft delivers MySQL-to-SQL database migration tool
  3. SuperSite's Windows 7 feature focus: Start Menu
  4. Computerworld reports Oracle signals an end to OpenSolaris
  5. PCWorld reports Black Hats are winning, Symantec says
  6. C|Net on Frash, the iOS Flash workaround: Hits and misses
  7. SetFSB
  8. EasyTune 6 B10.0728.1
  9. Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2225 beta
  10. System Explorer 2.3.1
  11. TweakMe
  12. Google Chrome 6.0.490.1

  1. Gamasutra's in-depth: What first-person shooter creators think about subscriptions
  2. Joystiq reports S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 sneaking up on a 2012 launch
  3. Shacknews: QuakeCon 2010 brings new screens for Fallout: Vegas, Rage, Hunted:
    The Demon's Forge & Brink and Rage demoed simultaneously on all 3 platforms;
    60FPS across the board and Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer shows gameplay
  4. PC Perspective's QuakeCon 2010: Day 1 coverage
  5. Shacknews reports THQ says Warhammer 40K: Space Marine will use Steamworks,
    not GFWL and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine interview with producer Andy Lang
  6. Ars Technica reports StarCraft II sales blitz a success: Sales crush console games
  7. Wine-Reviews: Thousands play StarCraft II on Linux with Wine
  8. StarCraft II in China: "We gamers really suffer"
  9. Left 4 Dead 2 update released on Steam
  10. GameBanshee's Alpha Protocol walkthrough is finished
  11. OCC's Mafia II performance preview
  12. Shacknews has Brink hands-on preview
  13. Gaming Heaven reviews World of Tanks (PC)
  14. Shacknews Weekend Confirmed episode 21 (podcast)
  15. PCWorld reports Apple patent opens a new frontier for gaming¬ódocumenting
  16. Digital Trends on best iPhone jailbreak apps and games
Systems and storage

  1. Lab tested at PCWorld: 27" Core i5 iMac / 3.6GHz (BTO)
  2. TechSpot reviews Gateway SX 2311-03 SFF PC
  3. Madshrimps review Shuttle XPC SH55J2 barebone PC
  4. AnandTech reviews hp EliteBook 8440w: On-the-go workstation
  5. HotHardware reviews 14" Asus U43F Bamboo Core i5 notebook
  6. reviews Dell Inspiron M101z notebook
  7. PCPer's video perspective: VIA ARTiGO A1100 Pico-ITX builder kit
  8. OC3D reviews Core i7-970
  9. TweakTown reviews 6GB AData Plus Series PC3-15000 (1866MHz) memory kit
  10. HardwareOC reviews Asus U3S6 SATA 6GB & USB 3.0 controller (in German)
  11. PureOC reviews 120GB G.Skill Phoenix Pro SSD
  12. TestFreaks review 120GB Kingston SSDNow V+
  13. StorageReview on 40GB Corsair F40 SSD
  14. Everything USB reviews 32GB Super Talent SuperCrypt USB 3.0 flash drive

  1. KitGuru pits GTX 470 vs. HD 5770 CrossFire
  2. KitGuru, LanOC Reviews and Ninjalane review Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 FleX
  3. CCE Reviews on ATEN VM0404H HDMI Matrix switch
  4. Digital Trends: Best TVs under a grand
  5. TechReviewSource on Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV
  6. Digital Trends reviews Sony BDP-N460 BD player
  7. Big Bruin reviews Asus Cine5 5-channel PC speakers
  8. TweakTown reviews Creative Labs ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth soundbar
  9. Engadget's Droid 2 review
  10. Digital Trends reviews HTC Aria
  11. Engadget's back to school guide: E-readers
  12. Guru3D reviews Cooler Master Storm Inferno mouse
  13. OCIA reviews Smartfish ErgoMotion mouse
Power, case, and cooling

  1. [H]ard|OCP, Hardware Heaven, SPCR, and Technic3D
    (in German) review Seasonic X-400FL Silent PSU
  2. Benchmark Reviews on NZXT Phantom case
  3. Neoseeker reviews Titan Fenrir EVO
  4. Hardware Canucks review Prolimatech Samuel 17 SFF CPU cooler
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