Rage, Crysis 2 release dates set

Two of next year's hotly anticipated first-person shooters now have official release dates. As Shacknews reports, id Software announced at QuakeCon that Rage will be out in U.S. stores on September 13, 2011. Earlier last week, Crytek revealed that Crysis 2 will show up a few months sooner, on March 22.

The Shack says id lead designer Tim Willits promised the "biggest, coolest, and most badass launch possible" for Rage. A pair of fresh screenshots, which depict more post-apocalyptic goodness cloaked in MegaTexture goodness, accompanied the announcement. The Crytek folks also had new eye candy to share with the world: the first screenshot of Crysis 2 multiplayer.

Rage's release date came as a bit of a shock to me, since id first publicly unveiled the game over three years ago now. In today's world of giant game publishing houses cranking out sequels every year or two, spending more than four years on a single game is unusual, to say the least. Long release cycles can mean better, more polished games, of course—Half-Life 2 comes to mind as a notable example.

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