Winners crowned in our hardware photography contest

After painstakingly poring over the deluge of pictures submitted for our hardware photography contest, we've settled on our favorites. Judging was difficult because there were so many good entries, but we all loved the following impromptu picnic:

Great shot, ludi. You've won an MSI GTX460 Cyclone 1GB OC. We've also singled out an additional 18 winners, each of whom will receive a free digital copy of Metro 2033. They are:

andyfrasier, AssBall, Buckeye, conjurer, Creech, Critical, Derfer, FireGryphon, jeremywscott, MixedPower, nickmandler, RA1D, rado992, roklipni, Spotpuff, theix, timon37, and wasser.

If your name is on the list please use the forum messaging feature to drop Adam a line and claim your copy of Metro 2033. You, too, ludi.

We'd like to thank MSI for donating the graphics card and games that made this contest possible. Kudos to everyone who participated, and thanks to Visual Haven forum moderators Dposcorp and SpotTheCat for keeping an eye on the thread. You can browse the winning shots in the image gallery below and check out all the entries in the contest thread.

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