Lost Planet 2 to have DirectX 11 eye candy

Add another title to the growing list of DirectX 11 games. Shacknews reports that the PC edition of Capcom's Lost Planet 2, which is due out on October 15, will use DX11 technology for a handful of snazzy effects.

According to the Shack, those effects will include "moke with 'lifelike volume and depth,' . . . reactive water and level bosses 'rendered with more detail than ever before.'" Capcom has worked with Nvidia to implement support for GeForce 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround, too, so gamers with multiple GeForce GTX 400-series GPUs should be able to enjoy multi-monitor, stereoscopic 3D, tessellated goodness... and probably use their PCs as a secondary heating source for the fall.

If you'd like to make your air conditioner sweat, instead, a DX11-enabled Lost Planet 2 benchmark is available right now from FileShack. The benchmark weighs in at 955MB and includes two tests: "one to test typical game performance and another design to push your PC to its limits."

By the way, Shacknews has also posted recommended specs for the game. Apparently, Capcom thinks you'll be fine with a quad-core processor and a GeForce 9800, Radeon HD 4800, or newer graphics card to play without the DX11 effects. The firm recommends a GeForce GTX 260 for GeForce 3D Vision, but enabling both 3D Vision and the DX11 eye candy will presumably require quite a bit more horsepower than that.

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