Nvidia's Huang talks Tegra plans, chipsets

In an interview with the folks at CNet News, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has touched on two interesting topics: his latest aspirations for the microprocessor business and his stance on the Federal Trade Commission case against Intel (which recently culminated in a tentative settlement).

Regarding the CPU business, Huang emphasized Nvidia's commitment to ARM-based devices. "Our CPU strategy is ARM," he said. "ARM is the fastest growing processor architecture in the world today. ARM supports (Google's) Android best. And Android is the fastest growing OS in the world today." Nvidia's newest Tegra system-on-a-chip devices have two ARM CPU cores inside.

Huang also seemed to downplay his company's stake in the FTC proceedings. He explained that the Commission is targeting Intel's allegedly monopolistic behavior, while Nvidia's own case against Intel centers on a "contract dispute." Intel's tentative settlement with the FTC does include provisions related to chipsets, though. Regarding those, Huang told CNet News that Nvidia's chipset development activities are behind it regardless: "The damage has been done. We've been out of the chipset business for well over a year, so if this got resolved we're not expecting to ramp back up the thousand engineers that we had working on chipsets."

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