Portal 2 primed for February 9, 2011

Game release dates are sprouting up all over the place lately. After Crysis 2 and Rage, it's now Portal 2's turn. GameInformer says Valve intends to release the first-person action puzzle sequel on February 9, 2011.

Next February is a little later than originally planned, but we'll still get our grubby hands on the game less than a year after Valve first announced it. And it'll be out before both Crysis 2 and Rage, helping to spread out next year's most anticipated game arrivals. So, who's to complain?

In related news, GameInformer says the English-accented robot from one of the trailers (embedded above) will have a new voice actor: Stephen Merchant. You might remember that name from the credits to The Office, since Merchant is the co-creator of the original U.K. series. The site doesn't say if Merchant will be involved in any writing, though.

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