HTPC-primed Radeon HD 5750 is half-height, double-wide

Looking for a little more graphics horsepower for your ultra-slim home-theater PC? PowerColor has a novel solution based on AMD's Radeon HD 5750. The appropriately named HD5750 Low Profile Edition uses a half-height circuit board that will squeeze into shorter chassis without room for full-size cards.

One might expect the Low Profile Edition to be a slender, silent affair. However, it looks like the graphics card equivalent of Snooki from Jersey Shore. This half-height card is double-wide, and it sports a couple of fans in place of the passive coolers we usually see on home-theater PC gear. The accompanying press release doesn't provide any information on noise levels, but with small-diameter fans, I wouldn't be too optimistic about quiet operation. Smaller fans tend to develop an annoying whine over time, too, just like reality TV stars.

Of course, the extra airflow is probably necessary to keep the Radeon HD 5750 cool, especially if it's destined for the cramped confines of low-profile enclosures. The Juniper GPU that underpins the 5750 has 720 active stream processors—80 fewer than the 5770 and a little less than half the number available in the Cypress GPU that powers the 5800 line. PowerColor hasn't strayed from AMD's recommended 700MHz core and 1150MHz memory clocks, so you can expect performance to match that of the full-size 5750 we reviewed last year. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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