Could GlobalFoundries make AMD's 28-nm GPUs?

TSMC is in a pretty good position right now, manufacturing almost all graphics processors for both AMD and Nvidia. The status quo might change, however. DigiTimes says a report by the Economic Daily News suggests AMD will use GlobalFoundries' 28-nm process technology for its next-gen graphics parts.

AMD made it clear as far back as November 2008 that it would eventually get graphics chips manufactured at GlobalFoundries. That foundry firm is, after all, a former part of AMD, and it's still partly owned by AMD. The roadmap did place TSMC and UMC alongside the GlobalFoundries fabs, though.

Switching to GlobalFoundries as its main supplier would certainly be a bold move, one perhaps prompted by the yield problems that have plagued TSMC's 40-nm process. The rumor mill has also suggested that AMD had to tweak its roadmap and release more 40-nm chips after TSMC cancelled its 32-nm process.

Then again, maybe the Economic Daily News report just isnt accurate. TechEye suggests so, quoting "a source close to the action in Taiwan" as saying the story is "total b*******." TechEye raises a couple of good points, including the fact that AMD has already revealed it's relying on TSMC to make its very first Fusion chip, code-named Ontario. That product has moved ahead of schedule.

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