Deal of the week: Blu-ray bonanza

For a good, long while after the Blu-ray format debuted, recording discs was an expensive endeavor, with retailers charging several hundred bucks for burners and several dollars for each disc. Today's deal just goes to show how far we've come.

Newegg currently sells a 10X LG Blu-ray burner for a tantalizing $109.99 with free shipping. A 10-pack of 4X, 25GB Optical Quantum discs is also available for $9.99 before shipping, getting you each recordable disc for about a dollar.

These aren't bottom-of-the-bargain-bin deals, either. The LG drive admittedly ships bare with no box, but Newegg customers have showered it in positive reviews. (60% of the 177 user reviews award it five stars.) The drive burns BD-Rs at 10X and recordable DVDs at 16X; also, until September 30, Newegg ships it with a free copy of CyberLink's PowerDVD 9 and one free 25GB Verbatim disc. As for the Optical Quantum discs, those have an even greater proportion of five-star reviews than the burner (74%).

At those prices, I'd be tempted to seriously reconsider my use of USB thumb drives for backups—if I didn't live north of the border, that is. Really, with 8.5GB DVDs costing only a little less than a buck a disc and 32GB USB 2.0 thumb drives still priced over $50, batches of $1.20-a-pop (after shipping) 25GB discs look mighty tempting.

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