HP shows its Win7 slate some love (for today, anyway)

In case you missed the first 20,000 articles chronicling the rise and fall? of HP's Windows 7 slate, here is the latest skinny. According to this post by CNet News, which mostly focuses on HP's excellent performance in the previous quarter, Personal Systems Group VP Tom Bradley made an interesting comment about the different flavors of upcoming HP slates:

You'll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future and a WebOS-based product in early 2011.

Although HP had previously hinted that the two types of slates could co-exist, this is the most definitive statement from the company thus far.

HP's two-pronged strategy here is an interesting one. It will allow the firm to gauge whether customers respond better to the Windows 7 OS that they know and love, or to the relatively unknown webOS, which might be better suited to slate devices.

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