Friday night topic: Guns!

Last week's discussion of random interests led one commenter to observe that PC enthusiasts seem to share certain interests outside of the tech realm, among them: guns. That's a little unexpected to me, if true, but I do like to head over to the range every now and then with some friends—not to mention the virtual destruction unleashed by my incredible arsenal of assault and sniper rifles in various FPS games.

What about you? Do you own or shoot guns? If so, how many and what type? What's their primary purpose: hunting, self-protection, just shooting at the range, several of the above, or something else? Do you keep guns in the house, and if you do, how do you store them safely?

Do you have a problem with guns and want to share that fact with the world with a whiff of condescension? Have at it, Eggbert. Everybody gets to play, so long as they keep it civil.


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