National Spumoni Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Ars Technica: Bad news for AMD as Intel gains server share
  2. Steam hardware & software survey: July 2010
  3. Übergizmo: Apple Magic Trackpad hacked to be USB-powered
  4. PCWorld reports giant W.A.S.P. sniffs out insecure Wi-Fi
  5. Engadget’s first-hand look at Nvidia 3DTV Play and PowerDVD 3D
  6. Shacknews: Valve reveals ‘The Sacrifice’ DLC for Left 4 Dead

    and Left 4 Dead 2, ‘No Mercy’ coming to L4D2 and

    Rage lead designer talks PC version specifics, the release date & more

    and Rage gets page on Steam; Rage using Steamworks?

  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops demoed yesterday
  8. New Portal 2 co-op trailer

National Spumoni Day

  1. Ars Technica: Senator Al Franken goes ballistic on Verizon, Google, Comcast & NBCU

    and Supreme Court told P2P users can be "innocent infringers"

    and privacy groups, Facebook already facing off over "Places"

  2. Bloomberg reports Facebook partnership is proven by $3,000 check, lawyer says
  3. SemiAccurate on why Intel bought McAfee
  4. Lenovo swings back into $54.86 million profit in Q1
  5. Computerworld: Steve Wozniak recalls role of memory in Apple’s early days?
  6. TC Magazine reports MSI details the FX610 AMD-powered 15.6" laptop
  7. Engadget reports CVS to sell $100 Sylvania netbook and $179 e-reader this fall
  8. Sharky Extreme’s biweekly CPU prices
  9. SemiAccurate: OCZ Tech readying RevoDrive-B
  10. TC Magazine: OWC offering 40GB SandForce-powered SSD for $100
  11. PCWorld: Microsoft’s Adaptive Keyboard puts a screen behind your keyboard
  12. VR-Zone: Logitech unveils K800 wireless illuminated keyboard

    and Roccat intros Kone[+] gaming mouse

  13. Misleading HDMI cable labels suggest needless upgrades
  14. Engadget podcast 209
  15. TechFlash podcast: Facebook Places and Donkey Kong legend Steve Wiebe
  16. Windows Weekly 170 (podcast)
  17. Newegg’s guerrilla deals for 8/21

Tablets and smartphones

  1. WSJ reports readies tablet, Optimus smartphones
  2. PCMag: Consumers want their tablets, some looking beyond iPad
  3. Computerworld reports Canonical tool set could boost adoption of Ubuntu-based tablets
  4. PCWorld reports Chrome 6 beta may hint at mythical Chrome OS tablet
  5. Engadget: Acer and Motorola getting spicy Gingerbread for Android 3.0 tablets
  6. PCWorld: hp tablet hobbled by lack of webOS apps
  7. MacNN reports Gmail for iPad gets stacked card interface
  8. DSLReports: Magic Jack femtocell device ‘on hold
  9. InfoWorld: Faster HSPA smartphones, modems coming soon
  10. Engadget’s exclusive: Dell Thunder prototype preview (video)
  11. Android Police: Koush releases custom ClockworkMod Recovery for Motorola

    Droid X – Nandroid backups and restores now possible; next stop: custom ROMs

  12. Engadget’s exclusives: Dell Thunder prototype preview (video) and

    Droid Pro is the global version of the Droid 2, LG enV Touch 2 will be

    Android-powered and LG C900 for AT&T has Windows Phone 7, shows off

    a little carrier branding and Samsung Cetus i917 bows for AT&T, shows off its

    Windows Phone 7 ways

  13. Engadget: Droid X upgrade to Android 2.2 leaks out

    and Nokia N9: the MacBook Pro phone and

    Nokia C7 given a full video preview – still not announced

  14. PCWorld reports MIT brings supercomputing power to the Android phone
  15. TC Magazine reports Trillian for Android available for testing
  16. Jobs: Software update to address iOS 4 performance issues on iPhone 3G ‘coming soon’
  17. Gizmodo reports EA holding out on Windows Phone 7


  1. Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and 8.2.4 release notes
  2. Computerworld reports Google patches 10 Chrome bugs, pays out $10K in bounties
  3. InfoWorld: Zero-day Windows bug problem worse than first thought, says security expert
  4. Computerworld has update: 40 Windows apps contain critical bug, says researcher
  5. PCWorld reports HTML5 raises new security issues
  6. Office 15: What’s Microsoft’s new mystery application?
  7. SuperSite reviews Windows Live Essentials 2011
  8. SuperSite’s Windows 7 tip of the week: Master libraries

    and Windows 7 feature focus: Sticky Notes

  9. SuperSite Blog features free eBook: Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2
  10. ID3 Renamer 4.0.6
  11. AppRemover
  12. DirectX Happy Uninstall 5.12
  13. FastPictureViewer 1.2 (build 163)
  14. Kindle for PC


  1. Joystiq: South Koren psychiatrists treating StarCraft ‘addiction’ with drugs
  2. Anti-depressants in the war against game addiction
  3. Techdirt: Guy sues online game company NCSoft, saying that Lineage II is too addictive
  4. GameInformer: GameStop launches downloadable content centers in every store
  5. PCWorld: If the PS3 is jailbroken, can we have Other OS back?
  6. MCV: Older PS3 SKUs being phased out
  7. Engadget: Xbox 360 S 250GB hard drive sneaks into stores
  8. Bitmob: High noon at the co-op corral: The death of local multiplayer
  9. Valve: PS3 "incredibly important to us"
  10. ActionTrip: Diablo III ‘can be done‘ for consoles
  11. Shacknews: New Warhammer 40K: Space Marine media

    and Warhammer 40K MMO gets new screens, trailer and

    Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures public beta online, accepting entries

    and Rock Band 3 leaked setlist… confirmed?

  12. PC Gamer’s interview: Valve on the future of TF2 part 1 and part 2
  13. CVG reports Xbox 360 gets exclusive H.A.W.X. 2… for a week
  14. MTV Multiplayer: Amnesty still possible before ‘Red Dead Redemption’ bans next week
  15. Bitmob: Top 10 most-wanted Red Dead Redemption DLC characters
  16. Left 4 Dead 2, Shattered Horizon, and Team Fortress 2 updates released on Steam
  17. Shacknews Weekend Confirmed episode 22 (podcast)
  18. BBC News: Girl gamers still being left out
  19. Shacknews has NHL 11 & Mortal Kombat hands-on

    previews and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days review

  20. Worthplaying previews Battlestar Galactica Online


  1. Lifehacker: How to make the most of a small workspace
  2. Engadget’s Nikon D3100 DSLR hands-on

    and Nikon Coolpix S1100pj and S5100 hands-on

  3. Engadget’s Pandigital Novel review
Comments closed
    • dashbarron
    • 10 years ago

    The EC managed to pull it from the EU countries a year or so ago, quite the big to-do

    • ET3D
    • 10 years ago

    It always baffles me when a link to the Steam survey is given three weeks after it’s out. I’ve seen this on other sites, too. The survey comes out at the beginning of each month. Why wait almost until the next one is around then post it as if it’s news?

    • aatu
    • 10 years ago


    • l33t-g4m3r
    • 10 years ago

    If Rage is coupled with steam, I won’t be buying it at release.
    One of the reasons I’ve always bought id is that they use little or no drm, and if that changes, then pc gaming is dead to me.
    I’ll just replay the classics, and only buy games on steam sales. No more new release purchases.

    Greedy bastards wanna tighten the grip to maximize profits, fine. It just won’t be on me anymore, and in the long run they’ll lose enough sales to go extinct, in which case indie devs can take over.

      • Meadows
      • 10 years ago

      Indie devs are much like indie musicians. The general consensus /[

    • LaChupacabra
    • 10 years ago


      • Peffse
      • 10 years ago

      Correct me if I’m wrong but… you mean 5200s like, the ones out 6+ years ago?

      • indeego
      • 10 years ago

      And in 7 years more people will be using DX11 chips than whatever is available theng{<.<}g

        • JustAnEngineer
        • 10 years ago

        But in 7 years will more /[

          • indeego
          • 10 years ago

          Aren’t we assuming everyone in the steam survey is a gamer, from once a year to constant gamingg{?}g

    • oldog
    • 10 years ago

    Steam survey reports about 95% of the computers running a flavor of Windows… but only 19% have IE installed?

    Last time I checked it was still part of the OS.

      • sweatshopking
      • 10 years ago

      it can be removed in windows 7, but that stat makes no sense.

      • FuturePastNow
      • 10 years ago

      Maybe they mean set as the default browser.

      • indeego
      • 10 years ago

      You can “remove” IE from Windows 7 in appwiz.cpl .

      But yeah I seriously doubt so many people have done this, and it’s just FF is the defaultg{<.<}g

    • Jambe
    • 10 years ago

    2.66% of participants in the software survey had foobar2000 installed.

    This makes me happy.

      • OneArmedScissor
      • 10 years ago

      That number would be a lot higher if the iPod syncing witchcraft was a standard feature. I can’t even count how many people I know who use iTunes and think they have to just because they have an iPod.

        • DancinJack
        • 10 years ago

        It is SO easy to get Ipod sync going though. One dll in the components folder and you’re money.

        • Farting Bob
        • 10 years ago

        It would also be higher if it looked nicer, and the alternatives werent so good. no media player if perfect, but for most people foobar is not the answer.

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