Toshiba ‘SmartPad’ slate pictured, detailed

Add Toshiba to the list of challengers hoping to dethrone the iPad. Notebook Italia has posted pictures and details about an upcoming, Android-powered slate Toshiba reportedly unveiled at a press conference in Australia.

The site says "whispers" hint the device could be dubbed the SmartPad. It will have a 10" display—pretty much like the Apple contraption—with a next-generation Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip. The external design looks pretty iPad-like, with a large black border and metallic-looking trim, but Toshiba has traded some elegance for practicality: the front surface has a few buttons and what looks like a webcam, while one of the sides has a little door that conceals HDMI and USB ports. I believe there’s a card reader next to those ports, as well.

Notebook Italia sadly doesn’t talk of pricing or availability, but who knows? Perhaps the SmartPad will be part of Best Buy’s holiday season push. Or maybe we’ll have to wait until next year for it. In any case, I like where Toshiba is going with this. The iPad may have a great user interface, but it’s a little short on the connectivity front—just hooking up a digital camera requires a $29 connection kit. (Thanks to CrunchGear for the tip.)

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    • wira020
    • 10 years ago

    Every rumor report of a tablet so far have mentioned iPad competitor… is there a rule or some sort of a guideline of how a tablet rumor should be written now?

    • glynor
    • 10 years ago

    It certainly could be just the pictures, but it looks awfully chunky to me, especially in the side-shot showing the port cluster.

    Also, these look like renders, not product shots, and the article text isn’t clear. Does anyone know if anyone has seen this in person, or is this another product wish-list with renders like the Chrome OS one from last week?

    I really, really, really hope someone puts out a high-quality Android tablet with stock Gingerbread (no stupid skins) by the holiday season this year. But it has to be good quality and competitive with the iPad in form-factor and screen quality.

    • TaBoVilla
    • 10 years ago

    God good, when is it going to end?? I feel bombarded by media all the time, slates this, iPad that, tablets, touchscreen this! just more devices that are interesting but we don’t really NEED to have/purchase.

    Sure some might find great functionality on slates, they are cool devices indeed, but I mean, COME ON, do we ALL need to hear about it ALL the time until devices finally come out and we realize it was all MEH.

    This all sounds very familiar: “you need dvd! you need gigabytes! plasmas! you need 64bits! multicore processors! windows vista! DX10 graphics cards! HD! smartphones! blu-ray! Netbooks! 3D!! etc!…” bunch of stuff marketing people wants us to hype about like the 2nd coming of jesus christ, so when they come out we spend our money on and realize “its cool!” but was all that necessary? I’m starting to get fed up with all this.. /rant

      • mcforce0208
      • 10 years ago

      I have been coming to similar opinion as far as tech goes, a recent example for me was dx11, i jumped on the hyped band wagon pretty soon. As as you say it was cool but not needed. I still don’t see that MUCH of a difference between the dx9 & 11 in current games (it will change im sure!).

      Its good to appreciate new tech, but putting its usefulness into perspective is something i need to focus more on!

      However i still really look forward to hearing about new gadgets, slates, ipads, etc. I just should not be blinded by the hype surrounding them.

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