Google slate said to support stylus- and finger-based input

Whether in smartphones, slates, convertible tablets, all-in-one desktops, or even your coffee table, you'll probably see a lot more of touchscreens in the coming years. Most of the screens currently on the market use capacitive technology designed for finger-based input. However, while these displays are great for multitouch gestures and fat-fingered navigation, they generally can't match the precision of screens that cater to stylus-based input.

Israeli display maker N-Trig claims that its DuoSense technology can handle both stylus- and finger-based input, and according to this story over at Tested, the touchscreen is set to appear in Google's rumored gPad slate. This won't be DuoSense's first outing, either. The touchscreen tech has already been used with convertible tablets from Dell and HP.

While I suspect few would trade conventional multitouch gestures for stylus-based input, support for both would be fantastic, especially with handwriting recognition software good enough to provide an alternative to clumsy on-screen keyboards. Let's hope the gPad makes good use of N-Trig's DuoSense tech... and that it's not the only slate to tap the hybrid touchscreen. DuoSense would seem to be a perfect fit for the upcoming PalmPad. After all, Palm has history of devices with stylus-based input, and its Graffiti shorthand is probably the most efficient handwriting recognition system around.

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