National Dog Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Telegraph: Computers that read minds are being developed by Intel
  2. Computerworld reports AMD Fusion-based laptops set to ship early next year
  3. PCMag reports IBM describes fastest microprocessor ever
  4. InfoWorld reports ARM’s next chip design will support virtualization software
  5. Ars Technica reports Apple confirms music-focused media event for September 1 (thanks Thresher)
  6. Computerworld reports analyst rains on rumor parade for Apple’s Sept. 1 event
  7. C|Net reports Firefox 4 to leave PowerPC Macs behind
  8. Steam OS X client update and new R.U.S.E. single-player demo now available on Steam

National Dog Day

  1. TC Magazine reports Lexmark files patent lawsuits against 24 cartridge manufacturers
  2. Computerworld reports Windows and Linux servers grow at Unix’s expense

    and Red Hat offers Deltacloud platform to standards group

  3. Server sales post biggest jump since 2003, IDC says
  4. InfoWorld reports IBM server chips to get ‘no-power’ sleep mode
  5. PC market strengthens in western Europe, Gartner says
  6. Engadget reports dual-core Atom-powered Gigabyte and Lenovo netbooks up for sale in Australia
  7. [H]ard|OCP: OCZ Technology drops (low-end consumer) DRAM production
  8. CrunchGear: Mitsubishi announces Full HD 3D TVs with built-in HDD and Blu-ray burner
  9. Engadget: Sony delivers a new midrange 3DTV line with the NX810 series (updated with hands-on)

    and Sony’s Netbox streams Netflix, YouTube, and other Internet stuff for $130

  10. TechFlash reports Amazon issues new data-free press release on Kindle sales
  11. Garmin nĂ¼vi battery PCB recall
  12. Ars Technica: LED light bulbs may not be magic bullet for energy savings
  13. Dealzon’s deals: $100 off coupon for 14″ Sony Vaio EA Series Core i5 / WiDi / Blu-ray,

    $145 off 14.5″ hp dv5t laptop, and $48 off Altec Lansing FX2020 Expressionist speakers

Networking, tablets, and smartphones

  1. PCMag reports Virgin Mobile delays $40 broadband plan
  2. Not shocking: Wireless execs like metered pricing
  3. iSuppli: Apple set to dominate tablet market through 2012
  4. AppleInsider: Third-party iPad clamshell keyboard case revealed in FCC filing
  5. Broadcasters: FM radio on cell phones just “sound public policy
  6. Engadget’s exclusive: Motorola MB520 Kobe / Diablo for AT&T in the wild
  7. PCMag: Dell answers critics demanding Streak’s source code
  8. Engadget reports Droid 2 root method finds its way online
  9. InfoWorld reports Google defends Android Market license server, despite reported hack
  10. PCWorld: ‘Open’ Android may lose the Apple iOS wars
  11. PCMag reports Android users click on mobile ads more than iPhone owners
  12. PCWorld on the next Facebook: Scoop?
  13. Engadget’s app review: 720tube


  1. Computerworld reports Windows DLL exploits boom; hackers post attacks for 40-plus apps
  2. PCMag reports Microsoft confirms DLL issue, releases workaround
  3. Pentagon: Classified network infiltrated by flash drive virus
  4. The MS Exchange Team Blog: Exchanger Server 2010 SP1 is now available
  5. Microsoft adds new printing, charting features to Office Web Apps
  6. C|Net reports Adobe tweaks Photoshop Express site, Android app
  7. PCMag reports Facebook ditching IE6 support for chat next month
  8. Use Gmail to make VoIP calls: C|Net’s hands-on review
  9. Computerworld reports Adobe fixes 20 vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player
  10. PCMag reports Google uncovers ‘very rare bug‘ in Buzz
  11. PCWorld reports Roxio Creator 2011 adds 3D
  12. Intel Processor Identification Utility v4.23 for Windows
  13. Freemaker Video Converter 1.1.10


  1. Mod at your own risk: How to put an old Xbox 360 HDD into Xbox 360 S
  2. MCV reports Move / Kinect ‘won’t extend console cycle
  3. Ars Technica: Buying used games? Developers, publishers don’t care about you
  4. [H]ard|OCP tests Catalyst 10.8 and Alien vs. Predator
  5. PC Gamer on Elemental’s disastrous launch: Stay well away
  6. Joystiq reports Stardock CEO apologizes for lashing out over Elemental pre-launch criticisms
  7. Shacknews: Dragon Age: Origins’ story comes to an end with ‘Witch Hunt’ DLC on Sept. 7

    and Portal 2 trailers from Gamescom 2010 further explore ‘faith plates’ and ‘repulsion gel’


  8. Big Download reports Guild Wars 2 website reveals the Necromancer class
  9. Fallen Earth updated to v1.6.2 on Steam
  10. Ars Technica reviews Drakon
  11. TF2 Hat Describing Contest
  12. Steam’s midweek madness: Plain Sight 80% off
  13. Puzzle Dimension now available on Mac + 33% off on Steam


  1. PCMag reviews Apple Mac Pro (Xeon E5620)
  2. Hardware Canucks review Asus Crosshair IV Formula
  3. AnandTech’s quick look: PowerColor’s HD 5770 PCS+ Vortex Edition
  4. Engadget’s Shure SE535 review
  5. Mobile-review’s first look at Nokia C7-00
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    • yogibbear
    • 10 years ago

    LOLOLOL i’ll be sitting at my desk trying to tell my computer to do some binary interaction coefficient optimisations and instead it’ll just start drawing pictures of breasts.

    • xii
    • 10 years ago

    q[< Computers that read minds are being developed by Intel <]q q[Intel's scientists are creating detailed maps of the activity in the brain for individual words which can then be matched against the brain activity of someone using the computer, allowing the machine to determine the word they are thinking. ] This is going nowhere. What if I would have to search for something NOT involving naked women?

    • indeego
    • 10 years ago

    q[<"As lighting becomes more efficient and less expensive, they say, people will likely elect to use more and more of it. "<]q But the efficiency of LED is already 30-80% better than most common sources of light. Are we really going to use our light sources that much longer? You can't even build [to code] offices anymore in my city without motion-detection light switchesg{<.<}g (which kinda bugs me as I have to position my monitor so that the sensor can still "sense" meg{<.<}g

      • The Dark One
      • 10 years ago

      I think the gist isn’t that people will be using the lights longer, but that we’ll continue to /[

        • Voldenuit
        • 10 years ago

        Which is a ridiculous hypothesis.

        People don’t base their lighting usage on how much energy a 60W bulb uses.

    • PeterD
    • 10 years ago

    “Computers that read minds are being developed by Intel”

    Knowing IT’s vocabulary habits, those computers will probably be able to read your mind if you tell them what you think.

      • Meadows
      • 10 years ago

      Not exactly. Indeed these early prototypes can only guess what kind of thing you’re thinking, and will then ask you a number of questions to narrow it down on their own, but that’s still notable enough and doesn’t require you to flat-out tell what was on your mind.

        • dpaus
        • 10 years ago

        Given the level of logic – or, more correctly, lack thereof – in some of the postings I see on tech sites, I have to wonder what “logic” chips Intel is planning on using.

        Didn’t HAL9000 go schizo because “he was told to lie by humans who found it easy, and who never considered that an Artificial Intelligence based on logic may not be able to”?

    • JustAnEngineer
    • 10 years ago

    I’ve purchased a couple of Stardock games, but I was ultimately disappointed in them.

    • Voldenuit
    • 10 years ago

    I’ve always been very pleased with Stardock’s products. I’m just hoping that Elemental turns out to be anywhere near as good as Master of Magic. I’ve been waiting 16 years for a game like that.

    • The Dark One
    • 10 years ago

    I’m surprised at this point that Stardock’s PR staff hasn’t installed some restrictive net nanny software on Brad Wardell’s computer to block him from posting on any internet forums.

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