Catalyst drivers include next-gen GPU code names

With 6000-series Radeons rumored to be scheduled for November, it's about time we started getting some juicy leaked tidbits. Surprisingly, one of those leaks might have come directly from AMD itself. According to VR-Zone, the freshly released Catalyst 10.8 graphics drivers include code names for a large number of unreleased products.

Code names include Cayman (with GL XT, GL Pro, GL, XT, and Pro suffices), Antilles, Blackcomb, Barts, Whistler, Onega, Turks, Seymour, Caicos, and Caspian. All are prefixed by the letters "NI," which might stand for Northern Islands—strange, if that's the case, since VR-Zone says the parts due to launch soon are actually code-named Southern Islands.

The code names appear after unpacking atiicdxx.da_ in the installer directory.

The site goes on to speculate about the code names and their meanings. For instance, the GL suffix might imply FirePro workstation cards, while LP could denote low-power products. One thing's for sure: that's a lot of names. Perhaps it means AMD will unleash a whole top-to-bottom lineup of 6000-series Radeons over a short period of time. A move like that could put Nvidia at a serious disadvantage, since it's not even started introducing cheaper 400-series GeForces yet.

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