Google Chrome to gain GPU acceleration

Death, taxes and Google adding features to their Chrome browser—it's nice to know there are still a few certainties in life.

According to this post on Google's official Chrome blog, GPU acceleration will be incorporated into upcoming Chrome browser releases. That's definitely an important step for the Google browser. The latest Firefox 4.0 beta offers support for Direct 2D acceleration in Windows, and Internet Explorer 9, due to be released in beta on September 15, has some well documented hardware acceleration built-in, as well. Anyone thirsting for even more detail on Google's take on hardware acceleration can peruse this design document.

In a sense, this is yet another "me too" battle within the great browser wars. Still, I'll be interested to see which browser ends up with the most effective hardware acceleration. This feature almost seems overdue, though—even today's low-end GPUs are capable of some pretty heavy lifting. Browsing Flickr photostreams at work while pretending to be scowling intently at an Excel spreadsheet would be much more enjoyable if your GPU could help shoulder the load.

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