Intel cuts Core i7-950 to $294, adds new Core i3

Without fanfare or press announcements this weekend, Intel quietly updated its price list with two notable changes: a sizable price cut for the Core i7-950, which is now down to $294, and the addition of a quicker-than-ever Core i3 processor, the 3.33GHz Core i3-560.

The i7-950 was previously selling for $562 in 1,000-unit quantities, but Intel also offered the Core i7-960 for that exact same price. I'm a little surprised to see Intel cut the i7-950's price instead of discontinuing it, though. This latest cut essentially renders both the Core i7-920 and the Core i7-930 obsolete, since those two chips are also selling for just under 300 bucks. (I'd probably pick the unlocked Core i7-875K over any chip in this price range, though.)

In the Core i3 family, the arrival of the 3.33GHz i3-560 hasn't displaced other family members—the quicker CPU has the same $138 volume price tag as the i3-550. That's kind of a shame. Pushing the slowest Core i3 under $100 would definitely provide an interesting alternative to those $99 Athlon II X4 processors from AMD. Intel has also added a couple of new sub-$100 Pentiums and a Celeron, if you're into bargain-basement dual-cores. The quickest new Pentium, the E6800, runs at 3.33GHz with two cores, 2MB of L2 cache, and a $86 asking price.

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