Gmail can now prioritize your inbox

According to the official Gmail blog, Google is in the process of introducing a powerful new tool to deal with the deluge of e-mail users face on a daily basis. The feature, called Priority Inbox, goes beyond filtering out spam (which is a real shame, since I now make $10,000 a week working from home and so can you!), and helps automatically prioritize e-mails based on their importance.

Priority Inbox acknowledges that people may receive a lot of e-mail that is not spam per se, but does not need to dealt with immediately, like mailing lists, daily newsletters, etc. The new feature therefore sorts e-mail into three main categories: "important and unread," starred, and "everything else." Factors like how often you correspond with the sender in question affect how e-mail is sorted. Google promises the system will automatically improve its accuracy over time. Manual controls are available, too.

Gmail already offered some sorting tools before this one, but Priority Inbox may become popular with users who don't want to spend time manually setting up an elaborate system of filters and labels.

This feature is slated to roll out throughout this week, so we'll soon get to see just how effective it is. With the recent rollout of phone calling functionality, that's two major features for Gmail in as many weeks. Clearly, Google has no intention to give competitors an easy time.

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