Rumor: 6700-series Radeons to have 256-bit memory interfaces

If those recent leaked numbers we saw on Monday are any indication, AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 6800 graphics cards will perform quite impressively. Now, a fresh report by Turkish site DonanimHaber hints that the Radeon HD 6700 series could also leap past cards in the same price range when they arrive in October. Word is that AMD will outfit those mid-range products with 256-bit memory interfaces.

The Juniper chip in existing Radeon HD 5700-series products, of course, has a 128-bit path to memory. Coupled with the high transfer rates of GDDR5 RAM, that interface width translates into a not-too-shabby 76.8GB/s of bandwidth for the 5770—but the figure pales in comparison to the Radeon HD 5870's 153.6GB/s. Memory isn't solely to blame for Juniper's relatively tame performance, though. Juniper also has about half the pixel-pushing resources of its big brother Cypress.

DonanimHaber's story doesn't seem to be all about memory, either. It says AMD wants to "raise the bar" in the mid-range market to make up for the beefier integrated graphics that will show up in next year's CPUs. As we saw last week, the IGP inside Intel's Sandy Bridge keeps up with a Radeon HD 5450. AMD's own Llano quad-core processor, due next year, should also have a relatively large DirectX 11 GPU onboard.

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