A few hours remain in our Metro 2033 and Big Bang Xpower giveaway

Almost a week has passed since we kicked off our latest contest, in which we're giving our loyal readers a chance to win one of six Metro 2033 licenses or the grand prize, an MSI Big Bang Xpower motherboard worth about $300. We'll stop taking entries at 2:00 PM Central Time today. As of right now, if you haven't already entered, there's still time to do so!

For detailed instructions and rules, you should see last week's news post. In a nutshell, participating involves "liking" us on Facebook and then either linking your Facebook profile in a forum thread we've created for that purpose or sending the link to our biz guy, Adam "Inkling" Eiberger, via a PM in the forums. Again, we'd like to thank MSI for making this giveaway possible.

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