Nvidia chipset rumor a Sandy Bridge too far

Yesterday, the rumor mill over at DigiTimes kicked out an intriguing item: a story claiming Nvidia is preparing a new chipset, one that combines a GPU with a south bridge, intended for use with Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. That's a little bit surprising, since Nvidia has admitted essentially to dismantling its chipset development team after being locked out of that business by Intel. In the wake of Intel's settlement with the FTC, could it be "game on" for Nvidia's chipset business once again?

After chatting with a source familiar with the matter, we think not. Of the rumor, our informant says bluntly:

It is complete horse cakes. We’ve already announced that we have withdrawn from the Intel chipset marketplace. We have no plans to return to it and aren’t developing new Intel chipset products.

That would seem to settle that, at least for now.

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