AMD to take stand against laptop stickers

If you've read our reviews, chances are you've seen us complain about laptop stickers—or praise certain PC vendors for using fewer than their counterparts. The New York Times' David Pogue seems to share the same view; his latest column denounces laptop stickers for being tasteless and hard to peel off, and he laments the amount of marketing dollars that go behind them.

His story includes an interesting little tidbit, though. AMD is apparently planning to take a stand against the trend of turning laptop palm rests into promotional billboards:

In 2011, A.M.D. will switch to new stickers that peel off easily, leaving no residue; after that, it’s considering eliminating the sticker program altogether. In the meanwhile, it’s going to make affixing its stickers optional. If a computer company chooses not to use the A.M.D. stickers, A.M.D. will still pay it the same marketing dollars to use in other ways.

That'd certainly be a nice gesture, although to be fair, the Vision sticker on recent AMD laptops could be the least of your worries. Take the palm rest of the Toshiba T235D we reviewed earlier this week:

Not pictured: the giant Toshiba T235D sticker on the right side of the palm rest and the Skype sticker near the power button. It'd sure be nice to make all of those easy-peel.

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