Gearbox, 2K Games will release Duke Nukem Forever

Those recent rumors about Gearbox taking over Duke Nukem Forever development were true. According to Shacknews, 2K Games has officially revealed that the long-awaited shooter is "currently in development" at Gearbox Software. A story by the Wall Street Journal explains that Gearbox has taken over development where 3D Realms left off, and the game is "expected to ship" later this year. Update: the official release time frame is 2011.

Evidence started cropping up earlier this week when Duke co-creator George Broussard tweeted a picture of cartoon pigs flying. This morning, a photo snapped at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle showed two cardboard posters emblazoned with the Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox Software, and 2K Games logos... as well as Duke himself standing beside scantily clad young women with cut-outs for faces.

As I write this, 2K Games has a live stream up showing people playing the long-awaited shooter on the PAX show floor:

We're also now getting early reports that hell has, in fact, frozen over.

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