Chrome 6.0 arrives in completed form

Google announced yesterday that its latest Chrome release, version 6.0, is now available. Hard to believe only two years have passed since Google first launched the browser.

This latest release purportedly boasts 3x better JavaScript performance than the original version of Chrome, though Google is less forthcoming about comparisons with Chrome 5.0. The company has also done some work to simplify Chrome's already-spartan interface. For instance, the two pull-down menus that controlled page settings and Chrome settings have been condensed into a single menu.

Overall, though, this release doesn't add many striking new features—unless you count additions like form auto-fill and improved sync functionality. That might be just the way Google wants it. The firm seems to prefer a steady, frequent release schedule that relies on gradual improvements and tweaks. This strategy stands in sharp contrast to the large gaps between releases, followed by rafts of new features, that consumers came to expect during the browsers wars of days gone by.

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