Newspaper Carrier Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Evolving the AMD brand portfolio (on dropping the ATI brand name)
  2. [H]ard|OCP reports BFG Tech goes the way of Diamond and Best Data
  3. AMD developing 8-core Bulldozer-based CPU for 2011 release
  4. Hardware-Infos has AMD Zacate (APU) specs, pics, and many more (in German)
  5. VR-Zone: AMD Ontario TDP is 9W, die shots revealed
    and Nvidia lists GeForce GT 420 for OEMs
  6. Ars Technica reports Ubuntu 10.10 beta arrives with new netbook UI
  7. Make group video calls with up to 10 people with the new beta version of Skype for Windows
  8. Shacknews has Duke Nukem Forever hands-on preview

Newspaper Carrier Day

  1. Google announces can't be missed press event on search - what's up?
  2. AppleInsider reports Google planning music store to take on Apple
  3. Ars Technica reports Google coughs up $8.5 million to settle Buzz privacy suit
  4. Google Public Policy Blog: Texas inquires on our apporach to competition
  5. Yahoo! News reports German court rules against YouTube over copyright
  6. TC Magazine reports Apple Ping passes 1 million user mark in under 48 hours
  7. C|Net reports Apple's Ping dinged by spam
  8. VA gov. Bob McDonnell announces independent review of 'unacceptable' computer outage
  9. DigiTimes reports hp aims for second place in netbook market in 2011
    and Acer adopts Nvidia 3D solution for latest 3D notebook
  10. TC Magazine: Asus reveals U53JC Bamboo laptop with Intel Wireless Display tech
    and Samsung develops the first LTE and HSPA+ supporting netbook
  11. SysOpt's biweekly CPU prices
  12. SemiAccurate reports Toshiba launches world's fastest SDHC cards
  13. IT trib editorial: Any future for stereoscopic 3D, and the future interface of computing
Networking and mobile

  1. Ars Technica: We're trudging down the long road to universal 4Mbps broadband
  2. Ars Technica reports Netgear offers 500Mbps powerline networking via next-gen standard
  3. FierceWireless on the reality of deploying 4G
  4. TechFlash Q&A: Starbucks' Adam Brotman on the coffee giant's digital push
  5. DSLReports on the WASP (Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform)
  6. DailyTech reports Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Sprint with 3G / 4G connectivity
  7. TC Magazine reports WeTab 11.6" tablet confirmed running MeeGo
  8. VR-Zone reports Sony Ericsson launches Spiro Walkman phone
  9. Gizmodo reports World of Warcraft running on iPad—streamed
  10. C|Net reports Angry Birds flies onto Android devices
Software and gaming

  1. Microsoft, Intel deliver new distributed / parallel tools
  2. C|Net reports free Jolicloud OS breathes new life into old netbooks
  3. Ars Technica reports Google sticks Wave in a box, puts a bow on top
  4. Ars Technica and SuperSite for Windows on iTunes 10
  5. SuperSite's Windows 7 tip of the week: Remove the Windows features you don't need
    and Windows 7 feature focus: Windows Explorer
  6. Opera 10.62 RC
  7. The virtual play-by-play: Ars Technica talks StarCraft II with Mike Husky
  8. Shacknews Weekend Confirmed episode 24
  9. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter update released on Steam
  10. Shacknews has Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer hands-on preview
    and Metroid: Other M review

  1. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews Lenovo ThinkPad X100e
  2. StorageReview on Icy Dock SATA 2.5" rack for 3.5" drive bay
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