GeForce GT 420 sneaks onto, gets chased out

As I commented last week  when Nvidia's new mobile GPUs came out, low-end GeForce 400-series desktop cards can't be too far off. Not only has the rumor mill been grinding on about them for the past few weeks, but Nvidia has now put up (and hastily taken down again) a product page for one of 'em. Google's cache immortalized the slip-up.

The card you see above is the GeForce GT 420, an "OEM" product that will probably only materialize inside pre-built computers. Immediately obvious from the image are the low-profile design, which implies a small, low-power chip, and the small, active cooler, which hints the reference card may start emitting a shrill whine after a few months. Tiny fans are just the best.

The spec sheet provides more details. Apparently, the GeForce GT 420 is a DirectX 11 design with 48 stream processors, a 128-bit memory interface, and 2GB of 900MHz DDR3 memory. That's not a typo on our end, by the way—the spec sheet really does say 2GB. Top rated power consumption is 50W. Based on what we learned last week, I would assume this card is based on the same pint-sized GPU as the GeForce GT 415M, 420M, 425M, and 435M. (Thanks to TR reader Vasilis for the heads up.)

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