Report: Next Intel reference mobo to have USB 3.0

Recent stories have suggested that Intel might not release a chipset with built-in USB 3.0 support until 2012. That may be so, but according to DigiTimes, Intel will still embrace the new interface in its next reference motherboard design.

Citing a report by the Commercial Times, DigiTimes says Intel is "expected" to announce a Cougar Point reference motherboard with an included USB 3.0 controller at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco later this month. This move "is expected to speed up the standardization of USB 3.0 and benefit USB 3.0 chip makers," the site points out.

In case you're wondering, Cougar Point refers to Intel's 6-series chipsets—you know, the ones that'll team up with the next-gen Sandy Bridge architecture early next year. We've already booked our flights for IDF San Francisco, so we'll be sure to bring you the news as it develops. The show will take place on September 13-15.

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