Metro 2033 and MSI Big Bang winners... claim your prizes!

Good news, everyone. We've drawn the seven winners from last month's Metro 2033 and MSI Big Bang Xpower giveaway.

Let's start with our grand prize winner. RickyTick, you get to take home the MSI Big Bang Xpower motherboard. Just send a private message to Adam "Inkling" Eiberger in the forums with your postal address, and we'll get this $300 monster of a motherboard shipped out to you, free of charge.

Our other winners are normalicy, Prestige Worldwide, MrBojangles, morbidthought, evilbabygenius, and Darkmage. All six of you are entitled to free digital copies of 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033. Here, too, you'll want to send a private message to Inkling to claim your prize—no need to give us your postal addresses, but we do want to be sure you haven't fallen down a hole or something.

Again, we'd like to give a big shout-out to MSI for making this contest possible—and to our participants for playing fair and making these giveaways fun. (By the way, if your name isn't listed above, keep in mind that we still have another contest going until later this week.)

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