Thursday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. HotHardware: GlobalFoundries details plans for 2011 and beyond
  2. The Register reports Intel Sandy Bridge preps for AMD Fusion fracas
  3. Fudzilla reports entry level discrete to die by 2012 because of AMD's upcoming Fusion
  4. Engadget reports Dell lays down the law: No more Windows XP shipments after October 22nd
  5. Laptop: Data shows clueless customers favor 15" notebooks, ruining market
  6. DailyTech reports Super Talent debuts USB 3.0 flash drives with RAM cache tech
  7. The Consumerist: Write on your hard drive, kill the warranty
  8. TC Magazine reports KFA2 announces 'green' GeForce GTX 460, SLI bundle
    and Dell coming out with four new widescreen LCD monitors

2010 NFL season kicks off tonight

  1. DigiTimes reports Samsung exec sees DRAM glut, stabilizing NAND flash prices
    and Trend Micro will not rule out possibility of being acquired, says CEO
  2. Ars Technica reports European Parliament passes anti-ACTA declaration
  3. USA Today reports Microsoft gets legal right to target spamming botnets
  4. DSLReports: Minnesotans surprised to learn they have fast broadband
  5. AT&T exec: 'A lot of work to do'
  6. TechFlash reports Amazon acquires Amie Street variable-pricing music store
  7. Symantec: Most hacking victims blame themselves
  8. VR-Zone reports Asus wins six iF Design China 2010 awards
  9. TC Magazine reports QUO Computer intros the Asetek-cooled maxQ2 Mac OS-ready rig
    and Acer Aspire Revo 3700 Ion 2-based netbook announced, coming this year
  10. C|Net reports LaCie intros new USB 3.0-powered external drives
    and OnStar to offer Facebook, voice-to-text?
  11. TC Magazine reports Asus launches ML238H 23" monitor with Ergo-Fit stand
    and Asus WX-Lamborghini wireless mouse outed by the FCC
  12. Engadget HD podcast 213
  13. Engadget reports The Ben Heck Show launching
    next week, right into your regular viewing rotation
  14. Dealzon's deals: $205 off 14" hp dm4t Core i5, $130 off GolfLogix Garmin GPS, $904 off 15.6"
    Lenovo ThinkPad T510 Core i7 / Nvidia NVS, and $55 off Kensington sd100 laptop dock

  1. AnandTech reports ARM aims at Intel, Cortex A15
    headed for smartphones, notebooks, and servers
  2. Qualcomm: 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon devices to arrive at end of 2011, 1.2GHz in Q1
  3. Engadget reports Colombia pumps out 10" Android and Windows 7 tablets (video)
  4. Send your future home phone ideas to Intel
  5. DigiTimes reports worldwide smartphone market projections raised 10% for 2010, says IDC
  6. LG: We'll have dual-core smartphones by year's end
  7. TC Magazine reports T-Mobile officially anounces G2 smartphone
  8. Digital Trends: Will webOS 2.0 let hp cross swords with Apple?
  9. Engadget: Google Instant on a Motorola Droid 2, hands-on
  10. DailyTech reports iOS 4.1 jailbreak to come via Bootrom exploit
  11. Office for the iPad? Or are Office Web Apps good enough?
  12. Ars Technica reports Canada probing Apple's iBookstore over "cultural heritage" worries

  1. C|Net reports Adobe warns of zero-day hole in Reader, Acrobat
  2. New version of Windows Storage Server due by the end of September
  3. Download Squad reports SecondShell is a portable utility
    that makes Windows Explorer a lot more user-friendly
  4. SuperSite for Windows touts H.264 video format
  5. Avast! v5.0.677 released
  6. TC Magazine reports Nvidia GeForce 260.52 driver leaked
  7. Phoronix reports Nvidia puts out a major beta Linux driver update
  8. TC Magazine reports EVGA Precision goes 2.0
  9. 7-Zip 9.16 beta
  10. Opera 10.62 RC2 and mail panel takes center stage with new development snapshot build
  11. Chrome 7.0.517.0

  1. Next for PAX: World domination?
  2. Big Download reports Minecraft creator starts game development company and second game
  3. Ars Technica reports $400 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with 250GB HD coming November 4
  4. Fudzilla reports Kinect technology hard to copy
  5. OnLive: "Do we need boxes anymore?"
  6. Welcomme to Mozilla Labs Gaming
  7. Kotaku reports Battlefield 1943 sneaks out for PC
  8. Expreview reports R.U.S.E. to be released on September 10th
  9. Shacknews reports Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam at TGS 2010
    and StarCraft II official custom map 'Burning Tide' arrives
    and Halo: Reach 'Deliver Hope' trailer extended
  10. Big Download reports StarCraft II offline authentication issues to be fixed in upcoming patch
  11. Planet Fallout interviews Bethesda Softworks PR guy Pete Hines
  12. Shacknews posts a beginner's guide to Halo: Reach multiplayer - part one
  13. Dawn of War II 2.4 update live yesterday
  14. CS: Source, TF2, CS: Source & DoD: Source, Metro 2033 and
    Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter updates released on Steam
  15. Big Download reports Metro 2033 Ranger Pack DLC finally released for PC / Steam owners
  16. BioWare's Chris Priestly writes that Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker has been fixed
  17. Joystiq's Mass Effect 2 Shadow Broker DLC review: Required reading
  18. Big Download reports Direct2Drive has new set of $6 games on sale for next seven days

  1. Engadget's Toshiba Libretto W105 review
  2. KitGuru posts exclusive AMD Fusion processor picture
  3. Fudzilla has MSI and ASRock 890GX tested
  4. AnandTech's Apple iPod touch (2010) review
  5. iFixit's iPod touch 4th generation teardown
  6. Ars Technica's hands-on: The Kensington Slimblade trackball
  7. Engadget's Mad Catz's Black Ops PrecisionAim game pads & Stealth mouse hands-on
  8. Fudzilla has Cooler Master Storm Inferno tested
  9. [H]ard|OCP reviews 1020W Enermax Revolution85+ PSU
  10. OCC reviews Cooler Master HAF 912 case
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