Could the Radeon HD 6770 be a re-badged 5770?

There's some strange inconsistency in rumors about AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 6700 series. Last week, one report hinted that the cards would have 256-bit memory interfaces and meaty performance. Now, a story by ATi-Forum says the Radeon HD 6770 will be nothing but a re-badged 5770, which would mean a 128-bit memory interface and not-quite-as-meaty benchmark results.

Interestingly, the ATi-Forum report goes on to explain the move as a simple name reshuffling by AMD. The product that was previously supposed to launch as the Radeon HD 6770, code-named Barts XT, will now appear in stores as the 6870. The former 6870, Cayman XT, will now be dubbed 6970, and the top-of-the-line offering will see the light of day as the Radeon HD 6990, the report says.

That would be interesting, if true, since AMD has stuck pretty tightly to its existing naming scheme since the Radeon HD 3000 series: x800 for the high end, x700 for the mid range, and so forth. Who knows, though? Perhaps this "Barts XT" part will be quick enough to fill in as a high-end product.

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