TV Dinner Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Engadget reports Intel CEO reveals Google TV launch is this month, explains McAfee purchase
  2. Apple products are a mutant virus, but PC brands will eventually find a cure, says Acer founder
  3. SlashGear reports Kno dual-display tablet gets funded: launch by end of 2010
  4. X-bit labs: Nvidia quietly reduces pricing of performance mainstream graphics board
  5. Expreview: Mounting-holes pitch of mainstream VGA cards listed
  6. DailyTech cites report: Windows Phone 7 to launch October 11
  7. VR-Zone reports Symantec releases cybercrime report, launches Norton Internet Security 2011
  8. PC Gamer's interview: Valve on 13 things they've failed at

TV Dinner Day

  1. Ars Technica: Did Internet founders foresee future filled with paid, prioritized traffic?
  2. Acer should start planning for potential growth decline in the future, says company founder
  3. DigiTimes reports Pegatron sues former employee over trade secrets
  4. PreCentral reports hp sends 200 employees to Palm, VPN
    & enterprise-class security on the way (thanks dpaus)
  5. TechFlash: Microsoft bidding for Symantec? Why the rumor seems very odd
  6. ITworld on how 6 memorable tech companies got their names
  7. SemiAccurate reports hp launches affordable tiny server
  8. Analyst's server report pants, says Intel
  9. VR-Zone reports MSI unveils FX600 and FR600 multimedia laptops
  10. TC Magazine reports Core 2 Q9000, Q9100, X9100 & QX9300 to retire next year
  11. DigiTimes reports DRAM contract prices expected to continue downward in September
  12. Expreview reports EVGA gets GTX 460 FTW to high frequency of 850MHz
  13. TC Magazine reports MSI bundling StarCraft II trial with various GeForce cards
  14. Engadget: LG does the IPS dance with IPS2062T, IPS226V, IPS236V & IPS231P monitors
    and Boxee's new browser is built on WebKit and HTML5-ready
  15. TUAW: Tearing apart an old Apple TV just for the heck of it
  16. Engadget: Is BridgeCo the foundation for 'Made for AirPlay' Apple accessories
  17. GM testing audio Facebook updates in cars
  18. Dealzon's deals: $200 off 15.4" MacBook Pro Core i5, $30 off 320GB Iomega portable HDD,
    $200 off 17.3" hp dv7-4060us AMD 3-core, and $50 off Logitech Z523 2.1 speakers

  1. C|Net reports Microsoft exec Elop named Nokia CEO
  2. SlashGear: Tablets killed smartbooks says Qualcomm CEO
  3. DSLReports: Verizon tops in call quality (again)
  4. The Droid Guy's exclusive: Verizon dropping Google Search from all future Androids?
  5. Gizmodo has leaked shots of Windows Phone 7-running Samsung GT-i8700
  6. Engaget: Elocity A7 goes up for pre-order on Amazon with Android 2.2, Tegra 2 &
    a $370 price tag and Asus Windows Phone 7 proto shows up on video
  7. Android Community: Motorola Droid R2-D2 boot animation revealed
  8. TC Magazine reports Acer said to be prepping 'Liquid Metal' Android 2.2 smartphone
  9. VR-Zone reports LG to launch Optimus phones and share smartphone business strategy
  10. The Apple Newton becomes an awesome iPhone case mod
  11. Engadget on ViewSonic's MB-P702, the color e-reader
    and HD video player you didn't yet realize you needed
  12. Engadget reports Android Notifier sends notifications to your desktop
  13. THINQ reports open source VLC media player coming to iPad
  14. TUAW reports iMovie updated to 1.1, requires iOS 4.1
  15. TUAW has the extra safe, extra cautious iOS 4.1 upgrade guide

  1. TUAW reports Parallels Desktop 6 coming September 13
    with better 3D support and Windows / Mac integration
  2. Engadget reports Microsoft, SRS team up on surround sound
    for Silverlight
    , will this finally bring 5.1 on Netflix?
  3. Microsoft security bulletin advance notification for September 2010
  4. Microsoft's next-generation VOIP / conferencing client to debut as Lync?
  5. Ars Technica reports Broadcom swims upstream, tackles Linux Wi-Fi woes with new open drivers
  6. C|Net reports Norton's new Power Eraser goes free
  7. Sysinternals suite - September 9, 2010
  8. Opera 10.62 released
  9. TC Magazine reports Google Earth get a new, more informative site
    and BitTorrent brings app support with Mainline 7.1 client
  10. Acronis True Image Home 2011 14 build 5519

  1. The PS Kinect, the MS Move: The mix begins at Ars Technica
  2. Shacknews has PlayStation Move preview: The hardware
  3. Shacknews reports Wii, DSi firmware updates block mods, flash cards
  4. Ars Technica reports the PlayStation turns 15
  5. [H]ard|OCP: Joystick emulation on the Microsoft Surface
  6. August NPD: Xbox 360 and football from EA top charts for second straight month
  7. Capcom: Dead Rising 2 Case Zero breaks Xbox Live Arcade sales records
  8. Shacknews reports Portal 2 co-op trailer features robotic mayhem
    and new screenshots for Borderlands 'Claptrap' DLC and
    NFS World grabs 1 million users, switching to free-to-play
    and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PC delayed until 2011
  9. GameBanshee's Neverwinter interview
  10. GDC Vault: Designing Guild Wars 2 dynamic events
  11. The StarCraft II Open tournament is fantastic
  12. Shacknews posts a beginner's guide to Halo: Reach multiplayer - part two
  13. Counter-Strike: Source Beta update released
  14. Kotaku reports memorial fund started for family of dev killed in car crash

  1. AnandTech's virtualization - ask the experts #4
  2. AnandTech's server clash: Dell's quad Opteron R815 vs. hp's DL380 G7 and SGI's Altix UV10
  3. PC Perspective has AMD's Ontario and Zacate APUs further exposed
  4. Tweaknews on Samsung BX2350 LED monitor
  5. iFixit's iPod nano 6th generation teardown
  6. [H]ard|OCP reviews Corsair H70 high-performance hydro CPU cooler
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