Adobe resumes development of Flash to iPhone tool

Yesterday, we said Apple's newly lifted ban on third-party iOS development tools could let Adobe resume work on its Flash CS5 to iOS porting tool. Well, wouldn't you know it. Adobe announced this morning that it "will now resume development work on this feature for future releases."

As Adobe points out, the Packager for iPhone tool is already available as part of Flash Professional CS5. The company giddily notes that apps based on the Packager "are already being approved for the App Store," although it doesn't name any names.

Of course, Adobe goes on to note that Apple still doesn't allow in-browser Flash on the iPhone—lest you got the wrong impression from yesterday's announcement. In-browser Flash is already up and running on Android devices, but iPhone and iPad users still have to make do with alternative, usually HTML5-based versions of Flash-based web services, if those are available. Not all Android users are all that thrilled with Flash support to begin with, though.

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