Report: Nvidia lowers price on GeForce GTX 460 768MB

The GeForce GTX 460 is arguably the gem of Nvidia's current graphics lineup, and it appears that the 768MB variant is getting a little bit cheaper. Originally released with a $199 suggested retail price, the 768MB card is now available for much less at online retailers. Newegg even has a version from Gigabyte that sells for just $170 and can be purchased with StarCraft II for only $210.

According to X-bit labs, the lower street prices come courtesy of an agreement between Nvidia and its partners. It's unclear just how much of the discount burden is being shouldered by Nvidia, but the new, official price for the GTX 460 768MB is reportedly $179.

Lowering the price of the GTX 460 768MB will surely help to cement its position as the best mid-range graphics value around. However, the $20 hit probably won't help Nvidia's gross margins, which fell to 16.6% last quarter. Demand for 1GB versions of the GTX 460 may also trail off, as that model now carries a $50 premium over its little brother.

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