Only a few days left to enter our Xonar giveaway

There’s still time to enter our Xonar giveaway. To celebrate three years of Xonar sound cards, many of which have won awards here at TR, Asus has introduced a new model dubbed the Xonar Xense. The Xense has all the goodness you’d expect from a high-end sound card, including headphone amplification, 6.5-mm jacks, multi-channel analog outputs, and the ability to encode Dolby Digital Live bitstreams on the fly. Asus is also bundling a version of Sennheiser’s PC350 gaming headset for folks who lack headphones or speakers good enough to appreciate the improvement in fidelity that a good sound card can provide.

We have one Xonar Xense to give away to the winner of our latest contest. Asus has also thrown in a couple of its budget Xonar DG sound cards for second- and third-place prizes. To enter, all you have to do is hop into this thread in the forums, describe your PC audio setup, and explain why you chose its various components. Eligible posts need to be 300 words or less, and while you should feel free to flex your photography skills, please don’t post more than a couple of pictures. Any images need to be 1600 pixels wide or smaller.

The cut-off for entries is 2:00 PM CDT on Tuesday, September 14, so you still have a few days to enter. Asus is also interested in knowing what kind of features you’d like to see in new sound cards. Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below or in the contest discussion thread in the forums.

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    • rhysl
    • 9 years ago

    Is this open Internationally ?!?!?!

    • ronch
    • 9 years ago

    The stupid thing about this contest is it’s practically only open to those with cool audio setups. So if you have a good setup you stand a chance of making it even cooler with the prize, but if you’re only using on-board audio (and hence, would benefit more from the prize) you have practically no chance of winning. I mean, how am I gonna describe how I chose my motherboard’s built-in Realtek audio chip? To save the environment by using less power and silicon? Am I supposed to take a picture of that tiny chip? Having a Realtek HD audio chip, I’d rather hold on to it than waste my time shooting for the moon with this contest.

    I know these are not kind words, but I believe many readers here would agree.

      • Inkling
      • 9 years ago

      You’re jumping to unnecessary conclusions. As in previous contests where forum posts were judged by TR staff, quality writing, an interesting narrative, or genuine creativity are far more likely to catch our attention than the latest, biggest, baddest hardware.

    • timbits
    • 9 years ago

    I have a new DX so I’ll sit this one out.

    • MixedPower
    • 9 years ago

    It’s a shame I don’t have anything worth talking about when it comes to my audio setup. You never know though, and I’ll post something for the off chance that someone finds it interesting.

    • potatochobit
    • 9 years ago

    I still need to enter but I’m lazy to take my case apart and take pictures
    I did fill out the survey though

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