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  1. MS Security Bulleting (MS01-010): "Windows Media Player skins file download" vulnerability
  2. StorageReview's interface guide
  3. Futurelooks on top 5 reasons why Linux has a strong future
  4. Review Zone's 2000 in review: part II
  5. BootMax reviews Gunman: Chronicles
  6. hardCOREware's Tt Super Orb giveaway

  1. Abit KT7 FAQ updated
  2. 3D Rage reviews TBird 933MHz/Iwill KK266 overclocked combo
  3. FullOn3D reviews DFI CA64-EC
  4. FiringSquad's dual Socket 370 motherboard roundup
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  6. SocketA updates motherboard database
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  1. Digit Life considers GF/GF2 T&L performance
  2. PC Stats reviews Proview PX-772 17" monitor
  3. AnandTech and Tech Extreme review Logitech SoundMan Xtrusio DSR-100
  4. Tom's Hardware asks flash memory or hard drive?
  5. Gamers Depot on 80GB Maxtor Firewire external drive
  6. Dans Data on USB phone charge cables
  7. Tech Extreme reviews Everglide's mouse skates
Cases and cooling

  1. Target PC reviews Hansan Systems Audi (Power III) and A-Pro CS-CY802PX Cyclone cases
  2. Hexus reviews Coolerguys WindTunnel 2 case
  3. The Tech Zone reviews AMK PC20-333333 case
  4. AcidHardware reviews Senfu DIY housing
  5. I am not a geek reviews Tt Volcano II cooler
  6. Overclockers Online's Socket A HSF roundup
  7. Technoyard reviews CPUFX DTS-400 copper shim and giveaway

  1. Winamp alpha 4
  2. NVIDIA Detonator 7.52 drivers@The-Ctrl-Alt-Del
  3. Half-Life beta server v2.13 for Windows
  4. Half-Life beta server v2.13 for Linux
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