Prototype Acer laptop has touch screen instead of keyboard

If there's one thing we all just love, it's typing on a flat, featureless multi-touch screen with no tactile feedback. Slates and smart phones already let us partake in this highly pleasurable activity, so why not laptops?

Something along those lines must have been going through the head of someone at Acer, because as TechReviewSource reports, the company is developing a 15" notebook with a multi-touch screen in place of a keyboard and touchpad. The system seems more like a desktop replacement than anything, at least judging by the 15" display size and the 2.67GHz Core i5 processor inside.

TechReviewSource says its, er, source is quoting a fall 2011 release time frame... "if the device makes it out of development." That's a big if, because the system is purportedly "still slow and buggy."

I could see a big multi-touch input area coming in handy for multi-language typing, iSketch, and potential user-interface gimmicks. Not including a hardware keyboard on a laptop seems like a deal-breaker for me, though, especially if I'm going to be looking at one screen and typing on another. The potential for typos would be too great. (Thanks to CrunchGear for the tip.)

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