'Radeon HD 6770' graphics card pictured

As we noted in our GeForce GTS 450 review, AMD's 6000-series Radeons are getting close to release. How close? Enough that two photos of a "Barts XT" graphics card—purportedly destined to become the Radeon HD 6770—have surfaced on Chinese site ChipHell. You can view the shots without registering first by heading over to TechPowerUp.

The prototype looks to have a fairly long circuit board with eight memory chips on the front surface, dual six-pin power connectors, a CrossFire connector at the top left, and a stubby little heatsink and fan. TechPowerUp points out that the card's circuit board has an outline for a meatier heatsink, though, so this might be just an artifact of the design's prototype-ness. The site also identified a 256-bit memory interface, corroborating earlier rumors.

Of course, some other reports have suggested that this "Barts XT" design could see the light of day as the Radeon HD 6870, and that AMD could simply re-brand the existing Radeon HD 5770 as the 6770. That leaves a big question mark over details like pricing and positioning relative to Nvidia's new GeForce GTS 450.

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