DisplayLink preps USB 3.0 display adapters

Many moons have passed since we reviewed DisplayLink's original USB 2.0 to DVI adapter. DisplayLink has been improving that product and the matching software since, but it's about take a great leap forward thanks to—you've guessed it—USB 3.0. The firm says it's showcasing a "USB 3.0 chip platform for next generation displays, docking stations and other integrated devices" at IDF this week.

The official announcement has more details:

The new DisplayLink single-chip family, DL-3000 and DL-1000 series, includes integrated display and networking connectivity, high performance audio and HD video support, as well as third generation DisplayLink adaptive real-time compression technology that dynamically manages bandwidth, taking full advantage bi-directional throughput of SuperSpeed USB. This means multiple full HD videos, high resolution graphics and networking data can be processed simultaneously, while also substantially increasing today's HighSpeed USB (USB 2.0) graphics performance and enabling graphics delivery over gigabit Ethernet.

DisplayLink claims its new silicon will enable contraptions like USB- or Ethernet-fed monitors, USB to HDMI adapters, USB graphics adapters that support dual displays, and USB docking stations with graphics, networking, and audio outputs. Dual-display output at a "full HD" resolution (presumably meaning 1080p) is supported, as is HDCP copy protection—a vital feature for Blu-ray playback.

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