Report: Acer plans a trio of slate devices for early 2011

Add three more names to the list of contestants for next year's tablet showdown. DigiTimes has heard from its sources at component manufacturers that Acer will release three Android 3.0-powered slates in the first quarter of next year. The devices will reportedly have 5", 7", and 10" display sizes with either Qualcomm or Nvidia silicon inside.

DigiTimes' story hints that development of these slates is still very much in the early stages, though. Word is that Acer still hasn't decided between Qualcomm's Snapdragon system-on-a-chip and Nvidia's next-generation Tegra. The company also hasn't made up its mind about whether it will task Compal or Quanta with manufacturing the devices.

Interestingly, the report adds that Acer will roll out small quantities of an Intel-based slate running Windows 7 to "test the market" before unleashing the Android contraptions. That makes it sound as though Microsoft won't have very strong backing from the world's second-biggest laptop vendor during next year's slate rumble.

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