New embedded Atom accelerates H.264 encoding

Sandy Bridge isn't the only Intel chip with special sauce to speed up video encoding. Intel has announced the Atom CE4200, a.k.a. Groveland, a new Atom system-on-chip aimed at embedded consumer electronics applications (just like the existing CE4100, which we may soon see in Google TV devices).

The press announcement on Intel's IDF website details some of the new features Groveland brings to the table:

The SoC includes 3-D support, H.264 high-definition encoding capability for usage models such as "sync-and-go" between networked consumer electronics and portable devices, and multiple input stream support to enable the design of cost-effective home gateway appliances. To help address regulatory requirements, the SoC features smart power management capabilities that automatically help to turn off parts of the chip when not in use.

Scott, who's on the scene at IDF, tells me the Atom CE4200 is built on the same 45-nm process technology as the rest of Intel's Atom lineup.

Intel says ADB, Samsung, Sagemcom and Technicolor all have "set-top boxes" based on this new silicon in the works.

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